Twisted Pair



Here is how I make a twisted pair that looks good and dresses nicely in the layout.


Start by twisting the wires together. It helps to twist the wires evenly, although I didn't here to make a worst case to show you. Strip and tin the ends.


Grasp both ends of the red wire with two pairs of pliers and stretch the wire. It is okay if the twisted pair comes unwound some, just twist it again. This picture is after the first stretch of just the red wire. 


Now stretch the black wire. Go back and forth stretching one then the other, two or three times. This picture is after three cycles. 

Assuming that the two wires were the same length to start with, if one becomes longer than the other, stretch the shorter one until it is the same length as the other.

If both wires are the same length but offset, grasp the short one on each end and pull them even.