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I was right! Incredibly, John has managed to pack even more into his Mood Indigo chassis - What a great saga this is turning out to be!! This file is getting so large, I have changed the pictures to thumbnails so it won't take so long to load - just click on the thumbnail to enlarge the pic.

March 2014

Well, it has been quite a while, but John has done it again:

John says:

Well, this is beginning to seem like a PBS television series. Maybe it could be titled "This Old Line Stage". ;~) I've been collecting parts for this project for over a year now and it finally became time to heat up the old soldering iron and get going on it. Kevin has been ragging on me to replace the Alps pot in my line stage for some time now with a stepped attenuator, siting this as a major bottle neck in my system. "Spoiler Alert" - Kevin was right (as he usually is). Also, new DAC power supplies were needed to accommodate the Mk.4 DAC. There was no way that these changes would fit the MI's 11" deep chassis, so new sheet metal was needed to increase the depth to 14". It was real nice to have a clean, blank sheet of steel to lay everything out on. This was also the first big project that I've done since purchasing a drill press. How did I ever do without one before? This project also benefited from trickle down technology from Kevin's Sonus Veritas work in the form of "Tube life monitors" and relay switched gain PC boards for the LL1689 line out transformers. Other changes besides the Kozmo attenuator and DAC power supplies are changes to the negative supply: replacing the 1.5H Hammond choke with a 13H LL1685 wired as a common mode choke with two Blackgate bypass caps.

I would like to thank Dave Davenport for providing a longer ribbon cable to connect the source select switch with the back panel and for the work he did many years ago on the original MI.
Kevin deserves a big tip of the hat for supplying the custom Kozmo attenuator with servo and the micro-controler board to run it; the custom DAC power supply board (I wanted LT3080 regulators); sheet metal pieces for the chassis and various and sundry parts to numerous to list.


March 2012

Well it's Spring and time to dust off and update the old stereo.

 The last little corner of the Mood Indigo now sports a relay to control the DAC PS. It now turns on only when the digital inputs are selected.


   I also added a pair of prototype shunt regulators that Kevin sent to me to the B+. At first I just "tacked" them in. As you can see in the photo, I have made some custom terminal strips to mount them. The pointy screws you see in the photo were what I used to locate there mounting holes. You can see the shunts squeezed in between the tube sockets and the output transformers.


I also got rid of the Euro style terminal blocks on the PS board and replaced them with solder "turdettes".

The KT-120 mono-blocks also received new shunt regulators for the input and driver stages. The driver stage required the addition of CCS to the output current source heat sink to feed the shunt. I did not know that Kevin sold the cute little flush mount kit, but it worked out great. Others might find it handy for their projects. The power amps also got timer delays for the rectifier tube filaments to better stage the turn on process.


Finally, my beta Venice phono pre received remote mono/stereo switching in addition to remote polarity inversion and a 45s turn on mute. All the buttons on my remote now do something. Oh, it also got upgraded with a pair of these (see photo).


"Well, it had to happen. One of the last open pieces of 'real estate' in the Mood Indigo has been 'developed'. It went to make room for a choke, used by a new, higher voltage negative supply." Those are John's words - I don't believe that it is finally full - John is so creative at packing in just one more feature.

June 2010


And here are some pictures of John's Sun 2A3 amp that he recently redid. Visible are a pair of LL1690 input trannies, CCS plate loads for the input and driver stages, Kevin's stepped attenuators for volume and balance, one of the four LEDs that now bias the input stage and an added filament transformer to handle the 6BX7GT driver that replaces the stock 6SN7GTA. Included are before and after pictures.


This is a "before" picture.

This is an "after" picture.






I have given up thinking that John can't fit another thing in his Mood Indigo chassis. He was one of the beta testers for the RAKK dac Mark III and here is the Mark III along with a RAKK I2S Interface Adapter installed in his Mood Indigo. John is using the I2S Interface Adapter to connect his PS Audio PWT transport.

November, 2009


Just when I had thought that John had maxed out his Mood Indigo, he trumps his earlier efforts. This version uses a differential series-feed design with Lundahl LL1689AM output transformers. As a mark of John's building experience, this took 40 hours in a marathon three-day weekend. Congratulations again for a great piece of work John! Thanks for sharing it with us.

August, 2009



The Mood Indigo is a first-generation Raleigh Audio line stage based preamp. While it is still one of the finest preamps to be found, the electronics is not quite up to today's generation of the Extreme Active Output. John has taken his Mood Indigo and hypercharged it with the latest Extreme Active Output and added a RAKK dac Mark II to boot! It is truly maxed out. Congratulations on a great piece of work, John




These are earlier pictures of John's RAKK dac with Passive Output and Tent Clock. John updated to a Mark II and then moved the Mark II into the Mood Indigo shown above.





And here are some pictures of John's rebuilt Eico HF-89. His upgrades include a K&K Audio constant current source among other things.




John's craftsmanship is evident in these beautiful differential parallel 6550 mono-blocks that he built.