You will need the following hand tools to assemble any of the Raleigh Audio kits: 

150 to 250 Watt soldering gun
35 to 50 Watt soldering iron
Volt-Ohm-Milliamp Meter
1/16 hex (Allen) wrench
Diagonal cutting pliers
Long-nose pliers
Wire stripper





Some of my favorites


These hex wrenches are really handy and can be purchased from Microfasteners for a very reasonable amount. Get the short-shaft version.



This is a tool called "Speedy Bend" that makes the uniform bending of component leads a cinch. It comes in two sizes; get one of each. I got mine from



I have used a lot of soldering irons over the years and the Hakko 936 is the best I have found. A joy to use. Get a small chisel tip. You can order it from MCM.



This is the only solder that I use these days. You can get it from Michael Percy Audio.