Everybody who had a hand in the development of the line stage kit, have a right to take pride in the results. The peamp elevated my system to a whole new level. I am impressed, and that is not easily done.

Myron J. Milner        






Hi Dave,

Just wanted to thank you again for all the help and encouragement you have given me during, but also long after completion of the line stage. (Mostly with my psu). Your help was "over and above" what is expected of suppliers of a kit. It was like having my own little forum ;-)

As I have posted on my site, it is probably the last preamp I will ever build. The build quality of the boards is VERY good. I also liked the other high quality parts you used. Nevertheless that would be of little use if it did not help to achieve what the linestage does. And it achieves greatness. Hard to find other words for it. Don't want to fall into the type of language the HIFI reviewers do. But that is what I would call something that I don't have the slightest inclination to want to tweak or update. (Except for the enclosure that is.. :-))

I still am surprised how natural and effortless the music comes from my system since the line stage entered my setup. (Generally favouring SET because it's simplicity and magic I found it hard to believe a PP would/could do this). The linestage got better after months and months of use. Must be the transformers running in. I'm Gobsmacked.

Thanks Dave


Bas Horneman built his own preamp using the Raleigh Audio Line Stage before the Mood Indigo preamplifier kit was available. You can read about his project on Bas' website at http://home.zonnet.nl/horneman/