Here are some great pictures of kits that folks have built.
Gary Dahl's RAKK dac
Ed Sawyer's RAKK dac
Bas Horneman's Line Stage

Bas Horneman's RAKK dac

James Kubina's RAKK dac - Line Stage combo
Jim Van Den Avyle's Phono preamplifier and line stage
Anand Raman's RAKK dac
Al Barta's RAKK dac
Dan Dicker's preamplifier
Imtiaz Chhatriwala's preamplifier
Tom George's TVC preamplifier
Pooge's RAKK dac
Trent Weaver's RAKK dac
John Tracy's Creations
Larry Mucklow's RAKK dac
 Tomas Abanico's Four- Channel Preamplifier