I learned a lot developing the products shown on this site and wanted to share part of that experience with you.  The articles here will give you a greater depth of understanding and I hope, provide enjoyable reading.


  Digital Interface I am often asked what is the best digital interface and my answer is here.


  Grounding and

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Here is an article on the grounding and interconnection of audio components. Since it is so long, I have provided a summary of the important points. 


Preamplifier  had a great experience developing a preamplifier line stage.  It was a really interesting journey that I will share with you, giving you the opportunity to look over my shoulder and observe my successes as well as failures.
RAKK dac Here are articles pertaining to the DAC and output stages


Parafeed Capacitor Here is how I size a parafeed capacitor
  Volume Control and Attenuation