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Dave Davenport has been involved in audio for over half a century as a hobbyist, author and designer. As a boy, Dave cut his teeth on kits, building Dynakits, Heathkits and Paco kits on his dining room table. These, together with a speaker system built from a magazine article, formed his first monophonic audio system. He actively followed  developments in the audio field and soon was designing his own components. 

Dave has shared what he learned as he went along and through the years has written over 20 articles for the Audio Amateur publications, Audio Amateur, Speaker Builder, Glass Audio, and audioXpress.

For 30 years Dave was an engineer for IBM, developing computer networking technology. During this time he received four US patents for his innovations. 

Now retired from IBM, Dave is able to dedicate his time to developing high-quality state of the art audio technology. He has formed Raleigh Audio to provide his innovations to the audio community as kits, with the hope that those coming along with their hobby will benefit from his experience.



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