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These articles are excerpts from articles published in the February and March 2003 and May and November 2004 issues of audioXpress Magazine. They follow the journey  from a simple classic transformer output line stage to the development of the differential Single-Ended-Triode bridged parafeed version of the Line Stage. 



Chapter 1 It all started simply enough - I needed a new line stage for my own use. On this first leg of the journey I developed a single-ended transformer output line stage. 


Chapter 2 I was learning a lot and having fun so I decided to continue experimenting. The question now was, which way to go? The obvious candidates were differential  push-pull or single-ended parafeed. I chose single-ended parafeed.


Chapter 3 I have found that it is a good idea to build a prototype of a circuit on a perforated board before etching the printed circuit board. You can easily mount PC components and instead of land patterns, you have the flexibility of point-to-point wiring that is easy to change if needed. I think of them as a small chassis.



Chapter 4 I had pretty much taken  the SET Line Stage to the limit of its capability. While the result was excellent, I knew that I could improve on it. I had heard several push-pull line stages that sounded pretty good so I wanted to experiment with a differential topology.


Chapter 5 I had finished the development of the Line Stage and it was time to create a power supply. I had used a standard choke-input power supply for most of the development. That supply was okay but I wanted something special to support the superb sonic qualities of the Line Stage.